Composer's Sketchpad

Write down musical ideas as quickly as they come to mind! Scroll, draw, play, and repeat. This is what sheet music has always wanted to be.

Winner of the Children's Tech Review Editor's Choice Award! This award is given to "'no fail' products, worthy of their cost, and able to keep children engaged for days at a time."


A Huge, Fluid Canvas

The sequencers in most audio apps feel like they're stuck in mud. With this one, there's no friction. Scroll, pan, and zoom around as easily as in your favorite mapping app. Time is along the horizontal axis and pitch along the vertical. Draw your music at any spot!

Flexible Notes

Don't feel constrained by antiquated notions of time and pitch: start your notes at any point and bend them to any pitch! Notate guitar solos and complex polyrhythms as easily as any choral. (Or snap to the grid if you wish.)

Frictionless Controls

Making music with Composer's Sketchpad is incredibly easy. Scroll around with your finger. Draw by using a second finger. Play back your music immediately. Snap to the time and pitch gridlines with simple toggle buttons. Rewind, erase, undo, redo, and record — all right there for your immediate gratification.

Over 100 Instruments

Choose from a variety of instruments across many different genres, including keyboards, guitars, orchestral instruments, and many more. You can also use more than 50 different percussion instruments.

Any Number of Pieces

Save your pieces for later playback! There's no limit to the number of pieces you can save. Your music saves automatically as you work.

Export to Multiple Formats

Export your compositions to MIDI or JSON for easy editing and sharing.

Pencil Support

If you're a lucky owner of an iPad Pro, the Pencil is fully supported! Draw smooth, luxurious notes with a simple swipe of your stylus.